@FoxInt Thanks to Fox for supplying us with some great new products!

As you know, we are a Fox Stockist looking to improve our product range. Take a sneak peek at some of the new products we have in stock now!

fox cookware kettle
FOX Cookware Kettle
• Increased heavy duty aluminium wall thickness
• Quality non-stick finish
• Durable folding handles
• Lightweight compact design
• Heat transfer kettle increases efficiency and performance

cookware fox
FOX Cookware Set
• Increased heavy duty aluminium wall thickness
• Quality non-stick finish
• Durable folding handles
• Lightweight compact design
• Heat transfer kettle increases efficiency and performance

mxr fox
Mr+ Presentation Set
Micron® M-Series
Following huge demand from anglers across the globe Fox have now made their highly popular M+ and MX+ alarms available with built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology so that they work with a receiver. That’s right folks you can now purchase Mr+ and MXr+ alarms in 2-rod. 3-rod and 4-rod presentation sets whilst the heads will also be available separately to allow you to convert a 2-rod setup into a 3-rod setup and a 3-rod setup into a 4-rod.

Mr+ Presentation Set
Micron® Mr+
The Mr+ is a true entry level bite alarm set as for the first time ever you can pick up a set of 3 brand new Fox alarms with a receiver for less than £200 thanks to the great introductory launch price on offer of just £199.99! The Mr+ features a weatherproof sealed case along with top quality digital circuitry. It also features Fox’s unique D-Tec Sensing System, and CNC Machined ‘Tru Run’ roller wheel, which is found on the company’s top-end N-series of alarms. You will find a power out socket at the rear of the alarm, which allows illuminated swingers to be plugged whilst it also features low battery drain (requires 2 x AAA batteries), a Piezo speaker and adjustable volume control. Due to the built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology the Mr+ has its own dedicated receiver that too features a weatherproof sealed case and top quality digital circuitry along with low battery drain (takes 3 x AA batteries). This Mr+ Receiver is very easy to sync with the alarm heads and in testing has worked in range in excess of 200m, however, Fox never condone being this far away from your rods, but what this does mean is that you have a very strong signal strength should you have heavy foliage between yourself and your rods.

Both Mr+ and MXr+ presentation sets come supplied in a hardwearing plastic case with foam inserts. They also come supplied with a screw driver and receiver lanyard.

dropshot hook
Dropshot Powerpoint Hook
The slight curve and hook point in line with the eye make the Powerpoint Drop Shot Hook the ideal pattern for many rubber bait experts. Thanks to the special shape of the hook bend all types of soft baits and natural baits such as worms, maggots or fish, can be presented perfectly. Due to the alignment of the needle-sharp point and the eye the hook finds a solid hold very quickly and fish losses are reduced to a minimum!
Available in five sizes in a ‘black nickel’ finish.

fox warrior shads
Warrior Wise Shad
The Warrior Wise Shad is not a lure for the faint at hearted, according to Dietmar Isaiasch. This is a shad that results in super hard takes from perch and zander. The broad 10cm long body, combined with the good-sized fishtail, results in natural movements and vibrations in the water, something that spoiled predatory fish like to see. A tip from the world champion. Simply let the Wise Shad hang on your vertical jigging rod without much movement on cold winter days, but keep a firm grip on the rod!

Perch, Zander, Pike, Bass, Sea-bass

• Small things can make a big difference in catching fish, this is the slogan of the new Warrior soft bait range
• Streamlined bodies with micro fi ne swim or twister tails for ultra sonic irresistible vibrations
• Fat bodies with special hammer or XL ‘V’ tails for more water extrusion and a slow natural movement
• Tough softbait material for long lasting fi sh catching fun
• Designed to imitate an injured baitfish in detail promoting more attacks
• Uses modern injecting mould technology to produce a multi colour layer for the best appearance underwater
• Multi-purpose use with all different rigs
• Can be used and fished from the bank as well as from the boat in shallow and deep water

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