Gone-Fishin are pleased to announce that we will be stocking the new Nash products…

From the new Scope/Dwarf range through to the new Cling On Leaders and Baits.

If there is anything you can’t see in the store that you would like, feel free to ask one of the Gone-Fishin staff which will be more than happy to help you be the proud owner of the product you are after.


H-Gun Sleep System

sleep system

We are delighted to announce our patented Sleep System, previously only available on our top Indulgence bed range, is now available to all.

No longer will entry level carpers have to mess around fitting and taking sleeping bags off their bed chair, or suffer from bag twist as they become tangled at night. You too can enjoy a blissful nights sleep with a H-Gun Sleep System.

Features include :

–  fleece lined inner ( rated 3 season )

– adjustable legs with mud feet

Scope Range


Kevin Nash has come up with what we think is the most block busting concept in rod design for decades. Scope rods feature a retractable butt section, enabling the overall pack down length of your rod to be reduced to the minimum with no detriment to the action of the rod.

From this innovative idea, Kevin then experimented with rod lengths, and this is where it got really interesting as he discovered that reducing the length of a carp rod to 9ft made it a dream to use in all situations except at extreme range – and note, we mean extreme range, as our casting king Terry Edmonds has put a lead over 170 yards with a 9ft Scope.

Scope Rods are ultra-light, further enhanced by utilising the incredible new SS304 rings. Available in two lengths, the more radical 9ft and the traditional length of 10ft – the length Richard Walker chose for the legendary MK4 carp rod.

With its retractable butt innovation this provides a pack down size of 44ins for a 9ft Scope and 50ins for the 10ft Scope, enabling the angler to carry the most compact kit ever designed for carp fishing.



Dwarf Range


Dwarf is a sister brand of Scope designed to make this revolutionary compact approach affordable to all – whether you are a newcomer or a youngster.

Their innovative retractable butt section enables  a significant reduction in the overall pack down length of your rods; opening up new horizons in compact tackle transportation and storage, as well as a fishing lifestyle! 

Your Dwarfs will store in the smallest of car boots securely and out of sight, so you can pop in to your lake on the way home from work ready to catch that opportunist carp, and still be in time tea. Youngsters can jump on their bikes and cycle effortlessly through the town to the canal or hop on the train to the city carp pool. 

In addition Dwarf rods challenge traditional thinking of how long a rod should be – why do you need a cumbersome 12ft carp rod when  most are casting less than 100yards.  Whether you are urban carping, walking the banks of an inland sea, or off to foreign shores – Dwarf is cool.

The Dwarf range includes the following;

         9ft 2.75lb Rods

         9ft 3lb Rods

         10ft 2.75lb Rods

         10ft 3lb Rods

         Landing Net – Telescopic Handle

         9ft Single Rod Skin

         9ft Double Rod Skin

         10ft Single Rod Skin

         10ft Double Rod Skin

H-Gun Rods


This new second generation H-Gun is built on a superb, high-performance, slim-line ground blank, with a slim-line EVA butt grip and polished butt cap.

It also features stylish reel seat trimmings with polished collars and has six rings – including tip – meaning it is ringed for distance casting.

Designing a low cost rod is actually more of a challenge than a high priced rod.It is only higher quality and thus higher priced carbons that can give a rod the necessary strength and power essential for carp fishing. Using technology secret to Nash, the H-Gun ignores this principle, achieving guts, power and performance at a remarkably low price. 

If you are in the market for an entry carp rod, we recommend you compare the action and the power to weight and blank diameter with our competitors; you will be stunned.

The H-Gun 12ft Rod range includes the following;

         H-Gun 12ft 2.75lb Carp Rod

         H-Gun 12ft 3lb Carp Rod

         H-Gun 12ft Spod/Marker

         H-Gun 3 Leg Sleep System

         H-Gun Multi Mat

         H-Gun Barrow – Single Wheel

Nash H-Gun Multi Mat

multi mat

The Multimat does three jobs in one! Not only is it a superb ‘safety’ mat, thanks to its raised sides and heavy padding, but the carry handles also mean that it can be used as a weigh sling without having to transfer the fish, reducing handling considerably

When moving between swims the Multimat also makes an excellent carry bag for awkward items, such as bait tubs and bags of bait, banksticks, landing nets, you name it!

A true multi-purpose product that is also the height of fish care.


  • • Large padded mat area for carp to 30 pounds plus
• Raised sides stop fish from sliding off mat
  • • Wipe clean surface
• Inbuilt weigh / carry handles
  • • Zipped ends for easy fish returnal
  • • Pegging points

Nash Cyber Shot Throwing Stick

cyber shot

The Cybershot Throwing Stick looks like it might be a weapon from the new Judge Dredd movie, but it is, in fact, the new prototype throwing stick that Nash have been developing for some time.

Rather than utilising the traditional curved tube which features on throwing sticks, this is formed from two carbon rails; it offers no wind resistance or weight, taking the strain out of your arm. It will apparently also throw baits out much further and with greater accuracy.

The concept is not new – the original prototype was made by angler Kerry Barringer some years ago, and was originally taken on by Martin Locke. However, the idea didn’t take off, and Nash took on the development.


  • High strength modular plastic/carbon construction.
  • Unique carbon rail design reduces wind resistance for distance.
  • Enhanced accuracy.
  • Minimal fatigue and arm strain.
  • Supplied in a carry tube.

Top Rod Snowman Pots

              – 100grm Tubes PLUS 20ml Dip

snow pots

‘Snow Pots’ are the answer to every boilie angler’s dreams, and for that matter they make perfect bait presentations for every aspect of modern day carp angling, so exactly what are ‘Snow Pots’? The product is a three part system; in the lower pot are the 15mm bottom baits, in the top section there is a pack of fluoro rainbow coloured 10mm pop ups, and finally there is a small pot of booster liquid. The booster liquid is specifically made from the boilie flavour with added feeding stimulants and triggers and can be used to elevate the normal flavour level, making it ideal when fishing solitary singles, or over silty/choddy bottoms where an elevated flavour level could be more beneficial into triggering a bite.

The Snow Pots are available in 5 flavours which are listed below;

         Scopex Squid

         Scopex  Squid Red

         Amber Strawberry

         Monster Squid

         Monster Squid Black

Monster Squid Black SHELF LIFE

monster squid black

Add a whole new dimension to your baiting with the Special Edition Black Monster Squid range.

I’ve been an avid user of the Monster Squid bait range since way before it’s general release and feel that it helped me greatly in the capture of my first UK 40 late last year following an intensive baiting campaign. However, when i got wind of the new black version, I just knew that there was something special waiting to be unleashed!

I’ve used it extensively over the spring and I feel that it has given me that little extra edge that we are all searching for when trying to stay one step ahead of the crowds.

I feel that the fish completely throw caution to the wind when feeding on balck coloured baits as they simply dont associate the colour with danger.My advie to anyone who is looking to keep the bites coming throughout the season would be to get on the Squid Black before everyone else does!

Cling On Leader

cling on

Super supple, contours and clings to any lakebed feature. Ultra Heavy – the space age alternative to lead core.

Using the latest cutting edge braiding technology we are delighted to announce the launch of the fastest sinking and most supple leader materials known to carp angling!

Braided from extremely heavy PTFE fibers and Dyneema, Cling-On leader material provides maximum abrasion resistance whilst clinging tight to the lake bed out of sight.