Session of a life time for Paul Jones!

Session of a life time for Paul Jones!

Paul Jones had a memorable session on the cut to start the new year off landing a total of 4 carp in a short session, carry on reading to hear what Paul told us.

‘It was the 2nd of January and I was set for a 5hour session on the Linford section of the canal. I had four Common Carp, the second of which was caught just as I was putting the first one back!

All fish fell to a critically balanced snowman rig against a far margin feature paired with a pva bag full of crushed boilies.

The weights were as follows; 20lb 4oz,17lb 2oz, 13lb and 20lb 10oz.

It was definitely a session of a life time and a good way to start 2014!!.’

Paul Jones + Common